Download Free Live Tv Apps For Your Smartphone!

Hello friends, Tired of paying for the channels that you watch on the mobile? I have one solution for you if you read this article thoroughly: you can watch all the premium channels for free on your android mobile with the help of many android apps that are not available in the play store.

Here I can list many free tv android apps that you can choose the best one,

Live Net Tv

If you want high-quality channels and streaming of your favorite channel, then you can choose this android app for sure because it has high-quality content for streaming and download. If you need it, then you must choose this app for sure.

Also, there are many  channels are available like prime video android tv

Mehar Jani develops this android app, and you can download and use it if you have android V5.0 or Up.

We have many streaming apps that cost many amounts from your purse. If you download this app right now, you can watch countless movies and Hd content for free.

You will know this android app is a perfect replacement for the Netflix app once you download this and try it on your phone. You can choose this app instead of airtel XStream for pc also because you can watch the channels on the pc.

There are many channels globally, but you will like only some of them, So this android app has 800+ channels from all over the world and all languages.

You can think how this app is free because they won’t even ask for information about you. That means you don’t need to register or do the login to watch the channels for free.

So you don’t need to give the name of the name within the app.

Having that much content inside the app still arranges the content properly like a premium app interface.

App Main Features

  • This app had a user-friendly interface that you will love to use.
  • If you don’t want to play the movies and Live channels within the app, you can easily switch to the external players you want to play. This android app supports external players as well.
  • Want to watch the show on the big screen of your Tv? You can do the Chromecast to watch on the Tv with the help of a big screen.
  • Although having this many features still this app is free to use.

Jio Tv

If you are from India and using the jio sim, you can watch many great channels for free with the help of the Jio Tv because it is free for jio users.

If you are not jio user, still no worries, there are many ways to watch the Jio tv app for free. If one of your friends or relations has a jio sim, you can log in with their help and use it for free.

Another method is you can download the Jio tv mod from google by searching.

App Features

You can watch 600 channels from all over the world and 60 HD channels.

15 different languages available.

You can pause the live channels and resume later where you left.

Choose the category you would like to watch, and There are many categories available to watch.

You can set the reminder for your favorite program with the one-touch.

You will be able to record the channels and watch them later.

If your network is too slow, don’t worry. You can choose from high, medium, low, auto qualities.

Pocket Tv

this is another good free tv app that you must try before choosing any other apps for your phone. This lightweight will help you to watch every one of your favorite channels for free.

This android app is more valuable than its name, and you can watch your favorite channels and series wherever you go.

App features

Like any other premium app, this app also gives the best performance without draining your battery very much.

Search your favorite actor movies in the search bar.

Personalized AI  will help you to serve the favorite category to you in the future.

You can download this android app for totally free with the below link that I provided.

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