Best Voice To Text App For Your Smartphone !

Live Transcribe is a revolutionary tool developed by Google to help people who are deaf. With its advanced voice recognition technology, all you have to do is talk to your phone in any language of your choosing while translating your words into text-to-voice, which means it is a Text-to-speech app.

So, we will talk about this application in today’s article. It is a perfect and helpful application that everyone should try once. So, let’s find out about this fantastic Text-to-speech application.
Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications App
Google Live Transcribe and Notification app is a helpful communication app that transcribes spoken words into text. It is like a Text-to-speech Android application.

Google’s Live Transcribe does so much more than detect your voice. It can also automatically correct the sentences that you speak so that others can understand what you say. The Google Transcribe app transcribes your voice to text so that it’s easy to understand

Google’s Live Transcribe is a service that lets you call up transcripts of what people are saying on videos. This is useful for people who have difficulty hearing, and it’s even possible to get subtitles in other languages.

Effective communication works best when a dialog takes place, and the Live Transcribe and Notification app allows users to enter their responses to what the app has to say. It lets you know when a message has been received and offers you the ability to reply.

Features Of Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications App


Live Transcribe and the notification app has a new interface that provides an easy-to-use and intuitive way to focus on the transcription feature. It simplifies the process of transcribing a video to make it even easier for you to capture information. Turn on the microphone if you want to transcribe a conversation into text, and the app does the rest.

Transcribe Language Into Text

This app is a lifesaver. It transcribes language in real-time and makes it accessible to anyone. All you have to do is give your smartphone something to listen to, and the app starts working its magic. If you have to take notes in a meeting or cover an event, you can record an audio file, and the app will transcribe it into text. It’s as easy as pressing a button!

It also has a unique bar that separates voice from background noise, making it easy to check if it recognizes the agent you want to transcribe.


The best thing about this application is that it does not ask you to pay for transcribing or notification work. It is free, and Google does not charge a single penny to use this fantastic Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications application. So you can download this from the Google Play Store for free and use it for free.

Final Words

So, I hope you all understand this fantastic application Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications by Google. It is free and has so many features that are very useful for everyone, especially for those who have hearing problems or any problem regarding this.

You can download this application from the Google Play Store for absolutely free and start using it now.

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