How To Watch Tv On Mobile With The Help Of Apps!

Android TV has been around for a couple of years now, and it’s been evolving. The number of apps available to the platform has gone up. It might not be as big as other platforms, but it’s growing, and we’re excited for what’s coming.

Most Android TV apps have a Chromecast built-in. That means any app with Chromecast support can be utilized on most Android TV devices! We have selected some of the best Android TV applications to watch live TV or previous episodes etc.

#1. Hulu

Hulu is a streaming service with a wide variety of TV programs, so it is one of the Best TV Apps. They have an entire library of old TV shows, next-day episodes of more popular TV programs, and films. In 2017, they also started doing live TV.

That basically makes Hulu a cross between something like Netflix and something such as Sling TV. It’s also the only streaming service app on the Nintendo Switch.

The basic service costs $7.99 per month (limited ads) or $11.99 a month (no ads). The live TV bundle will run you $40 per month and comprises 50 channels. It’s a superb one-stop shop. The costs can pile up rapidly, though, especially if you’d like extras such as HBO.

Hulu comes in two varieties: the standard on-demand streaming service you’ve always known and loved and the newest Hulu with Live TV. You can stream on any device, at any time, without commercials, while also getting live TV channels, sports, etc.

#2. Pluto TV

Pluto TV provides a free live TV service. You can watch a variety of programs on your Android TV device, which is a great perk. The app’s interface is functional, but there are no cool features to be found.

Pluto TV offers a free way to watch channels live without a cable subscription. It’s a great option for anyone who can’t afford the high fees that come with other channels. You still have to pay for all those stations. Otherwise, it is a serviceable free live TV program, and There’s a ton of articles from All Types of channels.

With the Pluto TV android application, you will get thousands of channels to watch and movies too. Even those who already subscribe to some live TV streaming agency may find it useful due to its curated layout, though this will depend on your personal preferences.

#3. Sling TV

Sling TV is the best of the live TV apps. Whether you want to watch sports or watch TV shows, they have it all. The best part is that you can customize your plan to your preferences.

You can add on a bunch of packages based on what you require. They have things for comedy, sports, kids, as well as HBO. The program is just okay. It has Chromecast support. It is not as stable as YouTube TV, but YouTube TV is also not available everywhere yet. Additionally, it is available on plenty of different devices aside from mobile.

Sling TV offers a whole lot of alternatives for a low price. It’s a fantastic choice for anybody who wants to tailor their experience to fit their budget and interests.

#4. AT&T TV

AT&T TV is a good option for those who want to watch live TV without the hassle of a cable subscription. The app features a high streaming quality and has over 140 channels to choose from.

The high-tier channels are just as expensive as regular cable TV. However, the selection of stations is superb. There are also 500 hours of cloud DVR and a selection of premium stations if you want them in this AT&T android apk.

The program is a bit clunky with some bugs. You might want to test a free trial to ensure the program works well for you before committing to the higher-than-average price tags.

AT&T TV’s interface is clean and intuitive. It’s simple to obtain the Guide, hunt for titles, and get your DVR records.
#5 VRV: Different All Things
VRV is a really cool streaming service. It has everything you could ever want, from anime to indie TV to live-action. It’s a great way to support smaller streaming companies that might not get on bigger services.

They include Crunchyroll (anime), HiDive (anime), Rooster Teeth (indie), Geek and Sundry (indie), Nicksplat (old animations ), Nerdist (indie), Cartoon Hangover, and many others. You receive all of them for one monthly price.

Overall this application has almost all the TV channels for you, and this can be the best TV App for you.

Final Words

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So, now you have a choice of 5 Best TV Apps in which you can watch live TV on your smartphone for free and paid. Almost all apps are freemium, which means there are packages of live TV apps that you can purchase and increase the channels you can watch.

All the apps have a very easy-to-use UI and are freely available on Google Play Store or any app store. So download any of these you want and enjoy TV on your smartphone anytime and anywhere.



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