Best Voice To Text App For Your Smartphone !

Live Transcribe is a revolutionary tool developed by Google to help people who are deaf. With its advanced voice recognition technology, all you have to do is talk to your phone in any language of your choosing while translating your words into text-to-voice, which means it is a Text-to-speech app. So, we will talk about … Read more

How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To Android?

Since the introduction of smartphones with amazing cameras, we haven’t stopped taking photos of precious moments in our lives. What if you were out with friends and took beautiful photos on your iPhone? You are unsure how to transfer photos from iPhone and Android. The quality of images and videos can be affected by wireless … Read more

How To Delete Instagram Account On Android?

The public conception of social media allows the user to share any information they wish with the world. In reality, the social media site will only make available to the public that which you opt to share. Although it may seem extreme to delete yourself from all social networks, we can understand why some people … Read more

Reface App For Your Android Smartphone!

Photo editing applications or even computer software are becoming very fastly popular. You can get all the images you want in one application without the heavy and complex Photoshop software. Can add art to your photos. If you want to create funny pictures with FaceApp or Reface, these possibilities are not suitable with Snapseed, Picsart, … Read more